Eiktyrne Sørlandet whiskyfestival 2017, 4 YO, 48,3 %

Nordic Whisky #167 - Eiktyrne Sørlandet whiskyfestival 2017This is the very first festival edition of any Norwegian single malt whisky. The Eiktyrne Sørlandet whiskyfestival 2017 was released to celebrate the first ever whisky festival in Grimstad, at the distillery Det Norske Brenneri. Only attendees at the actual festival got the chance to put their names on a pre-order list for this exclusive release.

The total outturn for the Eiktyrne Sørlandet whiskyfestival 2017 was 62 bottles. It was bottled at 48,3 % ABV. The mix of casks used, and the age of the whisky, is all detailed on the back label (see below), but even so, it is a bit hard to decipher. The main influence is obviously the 1st fill American virgin oak barrel used for 40 months of the maturation.

Then it all becomes a bit more mathematically challenging. We can see that a lot of different casks have been used (Oloroso seasoned cask, brandy cask, Sauternes cask, PX sherry cask, and Aquavit seasoned cask), and I presume we can read this as the total age of the whisky to be a minimum of 40 months + 12 months old. Alas, I am not 100 % sure of this.

Nose: Warm, rich, and rather sherry dominated on the nose. Caramel pudding and marshmallows, with some added spices teasing the nose. With time the spices become more apparent → pepper and peppermint, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Taste: Full and rich mouthfeel. The spices are more to the forefront from the get go now. But some of the spices are not quite as expected (!), unusual exotic notes with hints of aquavit. Apples, actually dry apple cider. Sugary notes, of the darker kind. Slightly perfumy and floral in style.

Finish: Medium long finish. Cool now and even drier. Dried apples. A touch oaky – maybe even bordering on too much oak influence. Eucalyptus and mint. It reminds me somewhat of Vilhelmina mints. Very fresh and almost wintery cool.

Comments: Different, but fun. The festival was great as well, and will be back next year, presumably with another whisky release.

Score (84/100)

– Thomas