Edradour 2003 LMDW Cellar Book, 14 YO, 54.6 %

Edradour 2003 LMDW Cellar BookHuh?! So this is my first review of an Edradour? That was strange. Oh well. The Edradour 2003 LMDW Cellar Book is a special, single cask release for La Maison du Whisky in France.

The Edradour 2003 LMDW Cellar Book was distilled on 2003-03-05, matured in a bourbon barrel (cask #97), and then bottled on 2017-09-11. The total outturn was 232 bottles.

On March 2 this whisky is released for sale also in Norway at NOK 1720 (8131801).

Nose: Very much a bourbon maturation at work here. Wall to wall vanilla heaven! This will probably divide you whisky drinkers out there. If you love bourbon matured whisky then this certainly has a nose you will love. If you are not too keen on bourbon maturation, you will know straight away from the first sniff that you can pass on this.. Me, I love bourbon matured whiskies. OK, so what else, other than vanilla? Well, thank you for asking. I also do find coconut milk, icing sugar, marshmallows, white chocolate, white pepper, mango and a touch of banana. So yeah, I’d say this is definitely a bourbon matured whisky, and I am pretty sure it is a 1st fill bourbon barrel. Not a whole lot of distillery character here though, but that’s OK.

Taste: Rich and a bit raw mouthfeel. It feels a bit stronger than the 54.6 % ABV. A touch of alcohol is detected, hinting at a slight imbalance.

Finish: Medium long finish. Creamy vanilla ice cream with light caramel sauce. A sprinkling of chopped unsalted peanuts and chunks of white chocolate on top.

Comments: One for the bourbon barrel fans. Pure and delightful!

Score (87/100)

– Thomas