Dufftown 2008 PX Sherry Finish, 9 YO, 44.1 %

Dufftown 2008 PX Sherry FinishHere is the very first release from new independent bottler Selected Malts in Sweden. The Dufftown 2008 PX Sherry Finish was released on March 14 this year.

This whisky was distilled on 2008-06-06 and initially matured in a bourbon barrel. Turns out the barrel was leaking, and the angels were greedy. Mikael and Patrik at Selected Malts saw this as an opportunity, got hold of a few 60 litre casks that had previously held Pedro Ximenez sherry and gave the spirit a five month finish in these smaller casks. The total outturn was 293 bottles (50 cl) as it was bottled on 2018-01-08.

The Dufftown 2008 PX Sherry Finish sold at the reasonable price of SEK 686 and is sadly now sold out. Selected Malts are already up to three releases though, so be on the lookout for more releases from them.

Nose: Woah! Bombs away! Sherry bomb that is. Very rich, very fruity and caramel-y. Raisins, red berries, butterscotch, and fudge. Notes of rich Italian red wine (think Amarone). A touch of oak. Cinnamon and toasted oak.

Taste: Very rich, and most certainly full-bodied. We’re talking Santa-style body here. Raisins, dark chocolate with sherry infused marzipan filling, red berries and apricots. Honey with rose petals and cinnamon sticks. Grandma’s homemade caramel pudding with caramel sauce that is slightly burnt.

Finish: Medium to long finish. The mouthfeel turns a bit drier now. Sugar sweet, bordering on becoming too sweet actually, but barely managing to stay on the right side. Marshmallows dipped in maple syrup and floral honey, then covered with a creamy caramel sauce and served with a glass of vintage Pedro Ximenez sherry. A pleasant afterburn.

Comments: Decadent and sweet in a good way! Comes across as far richer and more powerful than you would expect at this age and this low ABV. It certainly “punches above its weight”.

Score (88/100)

– Thomas