Delamain Grande Champagne Vintage 1988, 30 YO, 40 %

Delamain Grande Champagne Vintage 1988I keep doing stuff I’m no good at, but hopefully I will get better with time. So here goes; another Cognac review. I have tried the Delamain Grande Champagne Vintage 1988

Delamain is a producer of Cognac, based in Jarnac, France. The company was officially founded in 1824, but their history stretches back to 1759. It is still managed today by descendants of James Delamain.

They do not own any vineyards themselves, but rather buy the spirit from other local producers, exclusively from the Grand Champagne area. Typically they buy stock that is 15 to 30 years old, and further mature this in their own cellars. Cognac released for sale by Delamain will typically be at least 25 to 30 years old, so rather exclusive stuff.

The Delamain Grande Champagne Vintage 1988 has been matured in French oak cask, and was bottled in 2018.

You can now buy the Delamain Grande Champagne Vintage 1988 in Norway at NOK 3575 (10189401). Only a few bottles have found their way to our shores.

Nose: Starts off as rather shy, but opens up with time. Light fruitiness mixed with notes of tobacco and fine leather. A touch green with time, as well as refined oak. A sublime nose actually.

Taste: Medium mouthfeel and sweetness. The same light fruitiness here, still hard to pinpoint. I do detect notes of apples and apricots though.

Finish: Medium long finish. Remains fruity throughout. Drier now and with hints of floral perfume. Hints of caramel and oak.

Comments: A very fine Cognac indeed.

Score (88/100)

– Thomas