Delamain Grande Champagne Ambleville, NAS, 44 %

Delamain Grande Champagne AmblevilleThis is my third review of old and fine Cognac from Delamain (see here and here). The Delamain Grande Champagne Ambleville is a product in their Single Vineyards Collection.

I love the fact that we are seeing more Cognac released now that take inspiration from the whisky world, with releases that are single cask with no added caramel (and for Cognac – no added sugar).

This product is from a single cask (cask #5422), a 350 litre Limousine French oak cask. The total outturn was 324 bottles. The label states that it was bottled in February 2017.

The Ambleville is an X.O Cognac, and as with all Cognac from Delamain it is 20+ years old. The specific age is not given for this product.

You can buy the Delamain Grande Champagne Ambleville in Norway at NOK 2 045 (10189501).

Nose: More complex nose than the Malaville. Fruity and rich. Give it time in the glass and the fruitiness grows and develops. I also find vanilla, soft oakiness, mild fudge and mild spices.

Taste: Medium to full-bodied. Creamy and rich mouthfeel. Close to the Malaville, but maybe a bit lighter and more fruity.

Finish: Very long finish. Well balanced with tempered sweetness and the lovely fruitness all the way. Not in the least dry in character.

Comments: I might be tempted to enjoy Cognac more often with products like this at hand.

Score (91/100)

– Thomas