Craigellachie 1995 17 YO Douglas Laing Old Particular, 48,4 %

Craigellachie 1995 17 YO Douglas Laing Old Particular

Todays whisky is a 17 YO Craigellachie 1995 from Douglas Laing Old Particular. The cask number is DL 10052. It was distilled November 1995 and bottled September 2013.

All in all I have tasted three Craigellachies so far, all of them from Independent Bottlers. All of them have been good. I don’t know much about the distillery other than it is an active distillery today. I would love to taste some official bottlings from Craigellachie, but I guess those are rare…as far as I have read.

This particular Craigellachie is not available in Norway or Sweden.

Nose (21/25): A smell of summer! Fresh and light with sweet fruits and grapes. Really fresh.

Taste (20/25): The taste is quite different from the smell. It is more warm with vanilla notes and some spiciness. To me it was a bit watery and a touch of alcohol bite. That is why the score isn’t higher.

Finish (20/25): It was quite light and dry in the end. In addition to vanilla and nutshell, a bit of Earl Grey as well.

Balance (20/25): In my notes I had described the whisky like this: “A snackbar with nuts, fruits and chocolate cover”.

Score (81/100)

– Tone




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