Compass Box Flaming Heart – Release 4 (2012), NAS, 48,9 %

compass_box_flaming_heart_4I only recently discovered the blending wizards at Compass Box. I have since reviewed a couple of their whiskies, and now want to share my views on the Compass Box Flaming Heart – Release 4. The Flaming Heart is a limited Edition release from Compass Box, and release 4 came out in 2012. Hopefully a new release will be coming up soon.

This is a blended malt, so no grain in the mix. There are a number of single malts here though, describes as follows by the company itself:

Single malt whiskies from distilleries located in the Northern Highlands, Islay, Speyside and Islands. Primarily from the south shore of Islay and the village of Brora (Highlands).

Various casks have been used in the maturation of these component whiskies; refill American oak (ex-Bourbon), new French oak (heavily toasted)
and sherry casks. The small portion of sherry casks in the mix here is a new addition over previous releases of the Flaming Heart.

Nose (22/25): Soft on the nose, medium peat level with lots of vanilla up front. I also detect some citrus notes and mild spices. It feels a little closed up, even after half an hour in the glass. After a couple of sips, an obviously even more time in the glass, it does open up a bit more. Soft, smooth and sweetly peated, with a hint of milk chocolate, soot and some vague fruitiness. I quite like it.

Taste (21/25): Super soft and smooth mouth feel. The peat and spice certainly do come at you with no hesitation here. Any timidity from the nose is blown away. Pepper, chili, salt, milk chocolate, peat  smoke, and caramel.

Finish (20/25): Medium length on the finish. A bit of spice, and some oakiness. Finishes off quite neatly, all loose ends tied up, no unanswered questions left. A bit too tidy?

Balance (22/25): I like it!

Score (85/100)

Image from The Whisky Exchange.

– Thomas




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