Carsebridge 1979 27 YO Rare Auld, 60 %

Carsebridge 1979 27 YO Rare AuldToday I am writing about a grain whisky. Grain whisky is produced through a continous destillation process, using column stills, rather than the batch destillation in pot stills used for malt whisky. Grain whisky can be made using various types of grain, such as barley, corn, wheat or rye. A grain whisky is distilled at a higher ABV, resulting in a purer and less flavorful spirit. Therefore a grain whisky usually needs a few more years in the casks before it is fully matured. A good quality barrel is also very important, as the grain whisky in itself has very little smell and taste as it goes into the barrel.

This Carsebridge is 27 YO and released from the independent bottler Duncan Taylor in their bottling series Rare Auld. It was distilled in March 1979 and bottled in October 2006 from cask #32902. I have tasted from bottle 45/187.

Carsebridge distillery was demolished in 1992.

You can possibly find this whisky at online actions at around € 120.

Nose (20/25): I was met by an artificial sweetness. It was very cold on the nose. A lot of mint and eucalyptus, but not in a fresh way – just cold.

Taste (22/25): Caramel and apricots, both fresh and dried ones. Quite salty. Still the artificial sweetness from the nose is present. It reminds me of the candy “Fersken” (peaches).

Finish (20/25): The finish is plain. I found salt and oak. Dry finish. Not much happening.

Balance (20/25): Typical grain, I would say, but the taste was actually good! I have to add that I am not a big fan (yet) of grain whisky.

Score (82/100)

– Tone



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