Capovilla Grappa di Tabacco 2012, 46 %

Capovilla Grappa di Tabacco 2012Today I am fortunate enough to review a fine oak aged grappa from legendary producer Vittorio Gianni Capovilla from Veneto, Italy. Capovilla is recognised as one of the best distillers in the entire world, so it is about time I get to try one of his products.

Capovilla has been producing various spirits and passionately playing around with distillation, maceration, reduction and maturation since 1976.

The Capovilla Grappa di Tabacco 2012 is made from distilled vinaccia from Romano dal Forno. After two distillations the tobacco leaves are macerated in the distillate, and then the spirit is distilled a third time. It was then matured in French oak.

You can buy the Capovilla Grappa di Tabacco at NOK 1033 (10193002).

Nose: Great grandfather’s pipe tobacco. Oily with delicate notes of fruit in the background. Strange and delightful aromas of chocolate oak. Vanilla and orchard fruits.

Taste: Medium body. Somewhat dry and wood-y in character, a touch of oakiness. Dry and dark chocolate with distinct notes of tobacco mixed in. Again soft notes of vanilla and orchard fruits.

Finish: Medium to long finish. Continues much as it started, but it sort of loosens up and “relaxes” a bit.

Comments: Very special, very fine. Loved it.

Score (90/100)

Image from Master of Malt.

– Thomas



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