Bushmills 10 YO, 40 %

Bushmills 10 YOOn Monday I attended an Irish Whiskey tasting at Dr. Jekylls Pub in Oslo. The occasion was the release of a new book “Whiskeyvandringer Irland – England – Wales” (Whiskey wanderings Ireland – England – Wales) written by Ivar Aarseth and Tom Lunne.

The first whiskey this evening was Bushmills 10 YO. This is a malt whiskey mostly matured in bourbon barrels. It is triple distilled – like most Irish whiskeys. The Irish claim the triple distillation makes the whiskey more delicate than Scotch whisky. The more times you distill, the more heavy components are removed. The heavier components are oils and proteins which contribute to taste, body and mouthfeel. Scotch whisky is mostly distilled two times.

My only experience with Bushmills from before was the Bushmills Original, which is a no age statement blend. My husband has written about Bushmills Original and Bushmills Black Bush.

Bushmills 10 YO is available in Norway at NOK 429,90 (item number 702801) and in Sweden at SEK 349,- (item number 499).

Nose (19/25): It smells quite young at first. I guess it is the malt that gives me that association. Fruity (apple/pear), perfume and orange peel.

Taste (19/25): Still malty on the taste and still fruity. I get mango. Very mild and gentle, and quite thin. Perfume on the taste as well.

Finish (18/25): The perfume is dominating. Dry, watery and a bit salty.

Balance (19/25): This is a very light whiskey. Relatively smooth. In one way it is a balanced whiskey.

Score (75/100)

Bushmills 10 YO
The authors and myself. Tom Lunne (left) and Ivar Aarseth (right).

– Tone




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