Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC9, 9 år, 59,2 %

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC9PC10 is already reviewed by my husband and now Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC9 is next in line. And: You can read about PC11 tomorrow!

There were made 6000 bottles of PC9. The whisky is distilled in 2002 and bottled in 2011. The subtitle for the PC9 is An Ataireachd Ard – no idea what that means, but it looks good on the bottle.

The whisky is not available at Vinmonopolet or Systembolaget…unfortunately.

Nose (23/25): The first that comes to my mind is bacon. And that smell reminds me of Kilchoman. Then comes smoke, fat (yes, I mean fat) and something burnt. This is a rough whisky – and I like it!

Taste (22/25): Mmm…the mouth fills with sausage, fond, salt and smoke – which also reminds me of Kilchoman. I smile while I read my tasting notes. It does not really sound like a good whisky, does it? But it actually is!

Finish (22/25): It has a long finish. Warm with salt, smoke and meat.

Balance (22/25): This is a rough and very good whisky! Although it reminded me a lot about Kilchoman, I believe the difference revealed itself in the finish by becoming to salt. The salt was too dominating and that is why I give 22 points for the balance.

Score 89/100

I think both PC9, PC10 and PC11 are very good whiskies, and I have given them respectively 89, 89 and 87 points. PC9 was so good that I managed a bottle kill at Dr. Jekylls in Oslo 😉


– Tone




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