Box Whisky The 2nd Step Collection 02, 4 YO, 51,2 %

Box Whisky The 2nd Step Collection 02Here’s the brand new release from Box Whisky, Sweden. The Box Whisky The 2nd Step Collection 02 was released for sale on September There are big differences between the 01 and 02 in this series. Where the 01 was massively peated (42,5 ppm), the Box Whisky The 2nd Step Collection 02 has a phenol level of 3,7 ppm – so almost unpeated. The other big difference is that where 01 was almost exclusively matured in 1st fill bourbon casks, the 02 has been matured in a mix of ex-bourbon (48,15 %) and ex-sherry casks (51,85 %).

You can buy the Box Whisky The 2nd Step Collection 02 in Sweden at SEK 747 (8583302), and it will be released in Norway later this year.

Nose: Soft, delicate and mature  (yeah, I know! Mature at just under 5 years of age?). Sure it is a bit youthful, that is to be expected, but much less so than expected. The sherry and bourbon casks seem to balance each other well, and it does not suffer from the lack of peat. Peat can often be used to mask youthfulness, but this dram has nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of. I find strawberries and cereal in rich cream, ripe apples straight from the tree, soft oakiness and waxy honey. There’s a green, almost vegetal, touch to it as well – sort of hiding all the way in the back.

Taste: Rich and smooth mouthfeel. Rich honey with oaky spices upfront. Harmonious notes of vanilla, nuts, dried fruits and ripe apples.

Finish: Medium long finish. Honey, nuts and chocolate. It is really, really nutty on the finish – unsalted peanuts and almonds. The spices pick up, and there’s a hint of pepper and chilli towards the end. I thoroughly enjoyed this finish.

Comments: A very nice effort, yet again, from Box Whisky. I feel like I’ve just had a dram made from liquefied Snickers bars (minus most of the sugar – of course)!

Score (88/100)

– Thomas


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