Box Whisky The Archipelago - the bottleOK, I admit it. I am a fan of Nordic whisky! Swedish whisky! Box Whisky! I therefore have to share what news we have managed to collect so far on the upcoming exclusive release of Box Whisky The Archipelago. It will be released on January 15, and will be sold on the Viking Line exclusively. The release coincides with the Cinderella Whisky Fair, a whisky cruise on the Viking Line Cinderella ship.

This is what we know about the release so far, and these are just rumors for now. I cannot say we heard it through the grape vine, it was more like we heard it through the still house, or something like that:

  • Limited to around 700 bottles, similar to Box Whisky The Festival.
  • The make up of the whisky is also said to be similar to The Festival, but with unpeated bourbon as the base component.
  • A certain (unknown) amount of bottles will be made available on each of the three days the Cinderella Whisky Fair lasts, giving everyone a fair fighting chance to get their hands on a bottle.
  • Sales price will be in the region of SEK 890.
  • The Box Whisky Archipelago will be sold at the Box Whisky stand in the festival area.

2015-12-19 Update:

  • We now have the official bottle photo from Box Whisky
  • It is confirmed that The Archipelago will be limited to 700 bottles
  • The ABV will be 54,8 % (click bottle image for larger image)

Yet another reason to look forward to the whisky cruise in January. Glad we have booked tickets for the first two days.

While you are waiting please check out my report from the Whisky Fair earlier this year (here and here), and our reviews of previous Box releases:

Box Whisky The Archipelago
Image: Box Whisky (c)

– Thomas


  1. Takk Thomas. Extremely exciting! How many people per boat “trip”? Bet it’s more than 700. When and how does it “start” omboard? My trip one so excited about that too. I am man “Friday”! btw.

    • Hi David. I believe there’s about 2000+ people on each cruise/trip. The festival area is down on the car deck, and it opens shortly after you are let onto the ship. You will know, every step of the way. Anticipation will be growing in the the crowd around as you wait on land, as you walk through the ‘tube’ that will bring you onto the ship, and on the ship itself. We’re looking forward to this ourselves. We have to make sure to meet up! We will be onboard for the two first cruises, so Thu – Fri plus Fri – Sat.


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