Box Swedish Whisky Federation Bottling No. 25, 4 YO, 56,4 %

Nordic Whisky # 169 - Box Swedish Whisky Federation Bottling No. 25This release from Box Whisky in Sweden is a special edition exclusive for the Swedish Whisky Federation. A total of 2000 bottles of the Box Swedish Whisky Federation Bottling No. 25 were released early 2017.

The make-up of the vatting was 28 1st fill bourbon “ankare” (40.25 litre casks), out of which 25 of these small casks contain unpeated whisky, and 3 casks contained peated whisky. With an estimated peat level in the region of 35-40 ppm, one can assume the end product had a lightly peated profile at around 4-5 ppm.

The Box Swedish Whisky Federation Bottling No. 25 sold at SEK 686.

Nose: Vanilla, icing sugar, pears and fresh green apples. Lots and lots of vanilla. I cannot really detect the peat on the nose. There’s some peppery spiciness lingering in the back though. A slight alcohol bite.

Taste: Rich and full-bodied. Again vanilla, but it is toned down a couple of levels compared to the nose. Light peppery notes. Fruity still, mainly ripe apples now. Also a bit oaky, with ginger and fizzy cinnamon (yeah, I know…).

Finish: Medium long finish. Medium sweet. Medium fruitiness. Rather medium all-in-all actually, but that’s not bad.

Comments: A well-dressed and articulate Even Steven.

Score (84/100)

– Thomas