Bowmore 1988 21 YO Port Cask, 51,5 %

Bowmore 1988 21 YO Port CaskI would love to go to Islay someday! There are so many lovely whiskies produced there, and the island looks like a quiet and peaceful place to be.

I have tasted quite a few Bowmores, and most are them are good. Today I am tasting the Bowmore 1988 21 YO Port Cask, distilled in 1988 and bottled in 2009. The whisky was released in a limited edition of 7200 bottles. The whisky has matured in port casks.

You cannot get this whisky in Norway, but Bowmore 1989 23 YO Port Cask is available. Please enjoy my tasting notes on the 23 YO here.

Nose (20/25): I could smell almost nothing at first…strange. But then something happened. Maybe it is the autumn influencing my nosing experience, because I could detect oranges and leaves. The smoke is well hidden behind the smell of flowers and perfume. Very shy on the nose.

Taste (21/25): Salt and perfume. Still the autumn feeling, oranges and some oakiness. Warm and spicy.

Finish (18/25): Perfume with some smoke. Nothing more to say.

Balance (20/25): Nothing wrong with the balance, really. But the whisky was too perfumy to me. Actually I have experienced more and more perfume in Bowmores the last year or so. Maybe it is my taste that is changing.

Score (79/100)

Image from The Whisky Exchange.

– Tone



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