Blackadder Peat Reek Raw Cask 2009, NAS, 60,6 %

Blackadder Peat Reek Raw Cask 2009One of my other favourite whiskies (in addition to North Highland 1995 Svenska Eldvatten) at Cinderella Whisky Fair was Blackadder Peat Reek Raw Cask. We attended a masterclass with Robin Tucek, Blackadder himself, and he had brought along some very nice whiskies. My husband will share a tasting note of his favourite later.

Blackadder Peat Reek is from the series Raw Cask. Blackadder uses a special bottling process to make sure that every bottle contains its own share of the cask sediments as well as natural oils and fats, it is raw and unfiltered. We could see the sediments in the bottle.

This whisky has a no age statement. It was bottled in August 2009. The cask number is BA 310271, and the number of bottles was 298.

It is available at Systembolaget for SEK 861 (nr 87960). It is not available at Vinmonopolet.

Nose (23/25): I do not easily express myself in English, so please bear with me if I use some strange words. I loved the smell. At first it reminded me of the beach, with some saltiness and sea weed. Then there was wet wood og leather. Maybe a little bit meaty (this part reminded me a bit of Kilchoman). Very nice!

Taste (23/25): A very smooth whisky. Quite sweet with some smoke. After a while it became somewhat fruity.

Finish (24/25): I think the smoke really came through in the finish. The taste was warm and lingering. In the end it became dry like really dark chokolate.

Balance (24/25): This was a complex whisky with a lot of different things happening with both smell and taste. But in a good way. Somehow it was still quite balanced. The finish just lasted and lasted forever. Lovely! Again I ask: Do you think I was happy? The answer is yes! It was great to experience both Robin Tucek and his lovely whiskies!

Robin Tucek and me

Score 94/100

– Tone



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