Bergslagens Santa (2017), 5 YO, 59 %

Nordic whisky #196 - Bergslagens Santa (2017)Here is another independent bottling from Bergslagens. Again it is a whisky that was distilled at the now closed Swedish distillery Grythyttan.

The Bergslagens Santa was launched on 2017-12-01. It has been matured in peated bourbon casks; specifically one 200 litre barrel from Maker’s Mark and a few smaller 50 litre bourbon casks. The casks held spirit of varying peatiness, in the range from 16 to 50 ppm phenols.

The spirit was distilled 2012-02-01, and bottled 2017-10-02. The total outturn was 900 bottles.

You can still pick up a bottle in Sweden at SEK 995 (3256302).

Nose: Hmm .. dry, toasted oak and some wood smoke. Rather relaxed and laid back. With time there is a whole lot of vanilla to be found – in various forms; icing sugar, vanilla pods, marshmallows etc. Camphor, malt drops and fresh sawdust.

Taste: Rich, oily and full-bodied. Sweet licorice on fire. Sugary ashes. Fizzy and sweet ginger. Camphor and oak. Black pepper and chili.

Finish: Medium long finish. Palate numbing. Sweet and spicy. Santa has been a bad boy, but who cares? Perhaps a bit too heavy on the fresh and young-ish oak towards the end. The peat does a great job at masking the young age.

Comments: It is young-ish but still reminds me of my great grandmother’s candy. Peaty and warm – one for the cold winter nights.

Score (84/100)

– Thomas