BenRiach 18 YO Latada, 46 %

BenRiach 18 YO LatadaThe BenRiach 18 YO Latada is ‘on trial’ today. This was a limited edition of 4001 bottles, bottled and released in 2015.

Here is what BenRiach say about their whisky:

“Unusual for a Speyside malt, the BenRiach Latada is distilled from peated malted barley. The whisky has been matured in American oak casks, then finished in Madeira casks. ‘Latada’ is the name of the traditional trellised vine system on the island of Madeira where the vines are laid out horizontally above the ground on low trellises. Bottled at natural colour and non chill filtered.”

You can still buy the BenRiach 18 YO Latada in Norway at NOK 1300 (3477201). It is not available in Sweden and it is sold out in the UK.

Nose: Sweet, earthy peat, warm sand, rich honey with bits of hot coal. Vanilla and summer fruits.

Taste: Rich and smooth mouthfeel. Sweet ashes now, rather than peat. Still that warm earthiness.

Finish: Medium long finish, and on the short side of medium as well. It just dies off rather quickly. The sweetness fades away and I’m left with a somewhat flat taste. Water mixed with ashes and a tiny slice of apple.

Comments: On the nose it feels sweet, rich and robust, but it flounders a bit on the finish.

Score (82/100)

– Thomas