Bareksten Navy Strength Gin, 58 %

Bareksten Navy Strength GinI am taking a chance and will review spirits I know far less about than whisky. First out is a brand new Norwegian gin from Bareksten Spirits, produced at OSS Craft Distillery.

On Thursday June 21 a number of rare and special spirits were released for sale at the seven specialist stores (spesialpol) in Norway. More details on this release here.

This product is made from high quality “neutral” spirits made from Norwegian potatoes. Botanicals used include juniper, coriander, blueberries and elderberry flowers.

The Bareksten Navy Strength Gin is available at NOK 604 (10196502).

Nose: Distinct juniper notes right off the bat. More earthy than fruity in character, with warm herbal notes. There is a fair amount of lime and mandarin orange zest here though.

Taste: Very rich and full-bodied. Quite spicy, with lots of pepper notes. Hints of chili, in fact. It tickles my lips. Then a rich sweetness that plays on the tongue.

Finish: Medium to long finish. Frity, sweet and spicy all the way.

Comments: A delightful and aromatic gin!

Score (91/100)

– Thomas