Banff 1980 26 YO Duncan Taylor Rarest of the Rare, 56,1 %

Banff 1980 26 YO Duncan Taylor Rarest of the RareOn Wednesday I wrote about the first Banff I ever tasted. Today you can read my tasting notes from the second (and so far the last) Banff I have tasted.

Today’s whisky is a 26 YO Banff from Duncan Taylor Rarest of the Rare. The whisky is distilled in November 1980 and bottled i November 2006. The cask number is 2913, which gave 220 bottles in total. I have tasted bottle number 143.

This whisky is not available at Vinmonopolet in Norway or Systembolaget in Sweden.

Nose (22/25): Smoke and dust. Quite similar to what I recognized in Banff 1975 36 YO Douglas Laing. In addition there was a certain prickly sensation on the nose. Warm and fruity. Good!

Taste (21/25): I laughed when I read my tasting notes on this one where the three first words were: “Spicy, smoke, spices”. I guess I thought it was spicy 😉 The taste was similar to Banff 1975 36 YO, but the sweetness was missing.

Finish (20/25): Burned caramel in the finish with some oakiness. It was a bit…hmmm…I do not know the exact English word but the mouth reacted the same way as if you eat some very sour food or candy; it dries up and locks up. Do you understand?

Balance (21/25): Overall a good whisky. I just missed the ‘wow’ feeling both for this one and for the 1975 36 YO. Banff has been praised by so many and I guess my hopes were too high.

Score 84/100

– Tone



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