Banff 1975 36 YO Douglas Laing Old & Rare Platinum Selection, 41,8 %

Banff 1975 36 YO Douglas Laing Old & Rare Platinum SelectionWe have never reviewed anything from Banff Distillery on Whisky Saga. I have only ever tasted two Banff. You can read about my first meeting with Banff in this review, and the other one will be published in a few days.

My first Banff was from 1975, a 36 YO from Douglas Laing Old & Rare Platinum Selection. The whisky was distilled in November 1975 and bottled in June 2012. In total 153 bottles.

It is available at Systembolaget in Sweden (85739) for SEK 4000.

Nose (22/25): Some smoke (could that be right?), a bit ‘dusty’ and cardamom. After a while it smelled just as the smell you get when you open a metallic box with hard candy. The smell was good.

Taste (21/25): Lots of spices. There was also some sweetness, but I could not find the words to describe it. A bit thin, maybe? That is why the score isn’t higher.

Finish (20/25): The taste of caramel in the end was good. Dusty, dry and somewhat metallic. It was good, but nothing more.

Balance (21/25): I do not know, but maybe this whisky had spent a few years too much in the barrel? I felt like the flavours were missing. Not at all a bad whisky though. I took my time tasting it, but maybe it needed even more time.

Score 84/100

– Tone



  1. Absolut sure only 153 of this w.w.Check by I have it in my coll. and the label say 153 !

  2. THe total of this is 153 btls. Have nr. 042 and seen 041 and 043 in Norway. Must bee Jon B. remember the tot. for Norway.


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