Balvenie 17 YO New Wood, 17 år, 40 %

Balvenie 17 YO New WoodI had tasted four Balvenies before Balvenie 17 YO New Wood. My first four Balvenies have a score between 87 and 95. Quite impressive, I think. No doubt, I was ready to taste som more Balvenie!

This is what Balvenie says about how Balvenie New Wood was made:

‘In 2005 The Balvenie Malt Master, David Stewart, crafted a new expression, The Balvenie New Wood Single Malt Scotch Whisky, by using casks coopered from American white oak which were toasted then charred and unusually, had never previously held any liquid. David selected and married 79 traditional whisky oak casks of at least 17 years of age and transferred this to the new oak casks for four months.’

This whisky is not available at Vinmonopolet or Systembolaget.

Nose (19/25): At first I smelled some sherry, but that quickly disappeared. I think the smell had some ‘bite’ to it. Not quite like acetone, but something similar. This was not a smell for me to enjoy.

Taste (18/25): I really do not have much to say about the taste. It was watery and sharp. To me it was boring.

Finish (18/25): In the end it became a bit metallic, still thin (watery) and dry (oak).

Balance (18/25): As you probably understand, I was very disappointed. This was a very different Balvenie from the other ones I have tasted. I was very surprised to find so little fragrances and taste in a 17 year old whisky. This New Wood thing does not work for me.

Score 73/100

Since this is a whisky not to my taste, I find it difficult to recommend it. But of course, someone will enjoy this one as well!

– Tone




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