Aultmore 5 YO McGibbon’s Provenance, 50 %

Aultmore 5 YO McGibbon's ProvenanceA fun whisky today, an Aultmore! I have only ever tried two Aultmores, so that is unusal – and fun. It is also rare to find single malts from Scotland at the young age of 5. There are of course the Octomores and the young Glenglassaughs etc., but in general they tend to be 8-10 or older. So that’s another fun thing about this whisky.

Aultmore 5 YO McGibbon’s Provenance, is released by independent bottler Douglas Laing. The label states that this is a commemorative bottling to celebrate that they have released more than 1000 bottlings over the years. Quite an achievement!

The whisky in this instance, has matured in two sherry casks, and is bottled at 50 % ABV. You can buy this bottle online at around GBP 60.

Nose (22/25): Big and bold sherry nose! Fruity and rich, with beeswax, furniture polish and dark fruits. No question about the sherry influence here. Sweet and seductive.

Taste (23/25): Wow! Just as rich, fruity and sweet to taste as it was on the nose. Lovely sherry influence, and I must say it appears very mature for it’s age. I know, of course, that heavy sherry influence can mask youngish character traits, but who cares when the end result is so delightful. I also detect vanilla, dark fruits, and mild spices.

Finish (20/25): The finish is the only area where I do subtract a few points here. Merely because it dies off a bit too soon. The young age is to blame, but although it is a bit short it is still tasty and rich. Caramel and fruit candies, very sweet.

Balance (21/25): A young sherry bomb for those of you who like the sweet stuff.

Score (86/100)

– Thomas



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