Aultmore 2007 7 YO A. D. Rattray Single Cask #900015, 56 %

Aultmore 2007 7 YO A. D. Rattray Single Cask #900015I am not so familiar with the independent bottler A. D. Rattray, yet. I have only tasted eight of their whiskies. All of them have been good.

Well, I am not so familiar with Aultmore either. I have only tasted four whiskies from this distillery.

Todays whisky is young, only 7 YO. It was distilled 12 March 2007 and bottled 6 October 2014. It was matured in sherry butt #900015, which gave 588 bottles.

This Aultmore is not available in Norway or Sweden. You might be able to find it online at around € 54.

Nose (20/25): The sherry notes are definitely here. It is quite oaky which makes it dry on the nose. I smell mulled wine and spices – cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and many more.

Taste (21/25): Figs dominate on the palate. Salt and spices give it a warm mouthfeel.

Finish (23/25): The finish is the highlight of this whisky. It just goes on forever with all its spiciness. Actually the finish reminds me of the Norwegian candy “Halslinser” (a fresh and licorice flavored hard candy) which I am a huge fan of. There is also some salt, and it becomes dry in the end.

Balance (21/25): The spices were quite dominant in this whisky, both on the nose and on the palate. Apart from the spices it sort of jumped a bit ‘here and there’.

Score (85/100)

– Tone



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