Ardbeg Twenty Something, 23 YO, 46.3 %

I am quite excited to taste this whisky. It is not that often I get to taste an Ardbeg that is more than twenty years old. The Ardbeg Twenty Something was released just a few months ago, actually on 2017-11-02.

This whisky was distilled around 1994, a period when there was only sporadic production at the distillery. It has been matured in a mix of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks.

The Ardbeg Twenty Something was only made available to buy for the Ardbeg Committee, the distillery fan club. the selling price was GBP 430. Needless to say it is long sold out.

**Update** There are a few bottles available in Sweden at SEK 4600 (40142).

Nose: Rich with ashes, dark chocolate, chocolate mousse, lemon mousse and dusty, old cinnamon sticks. Sweet wood smoke in the back, but this is not a particularly peaty dram. Well, actually it feels both richly peaty and not all that peaty at the same time. Not sure how to explain that.

Taste: Full bodied and creamy. Actually it is creamy bordering on buttery. Ashes, caramel and dark chocolate on the palate. Minty in the back. Cinnamon and pepper. More fiery with the odd chili note after a sip or two.

Finish: Long finish. Does not really develop a lot further. It just mellows out, finds peace and lands every so softly. I am left with a pleasant tingle of white pepper, honey and ashes.

Comments: Wow! I know this isn’t old school Ardbeg, but it feels a lot closer to it than any of the other releases of the last few years.

Score (89/100)

– Thomas



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