Ardbeg Rollercoaster, NAS, 57,3 %

Ardbeg RollercoasterI really like Ardbeg! I have enjoyed every single one of them I have tasted so far. Except…you maybe remember my review of Ardbeg Blasda? Well, I tasted it again a couple of weeks ago, together with food. The experience was different then, so I may have to adjust my score.

Todays whisky, Ardbeg Rollercoaster, is as part of the Tenth Anniversary Committee Bottling from Ardbeg. The whisky is bottled in 2009. There was a total of 12 000 bottles.

Unfortunately the whisky is not available in Norway or in Sweden. Too bad. We do not have one at home either because this is not one of my husbands favourites… But of course we do have other nice Ardbegs!

Nose (23/25): Ah! A lot of peat, smoke, salt, sea, licorice, leather and tobacco. I love it! Rich!

Taste (23/25): Consistency…still a lot of peat, smoke, salt, licorice and leather. Full, rich and a bit fruity.

Finish (22/25): The smoke was really dominating the finish. A bit dry. Ammonia candy. A long finish. Nice.

Balance (23/25): Actually the finish was too dry to make a higher score, but still a very, very good whisky. And a well balanced whisky. I would love to taste it again.

Score (91/100)

– Tone




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