Ardbeg Blasda, NAS, 40 %

Ardbeg Blasda - something differentI attended the Box Whisky Academy in week 19, 2014. During the academy I stayed at Länsmansgården in Ådalen, Sweden. Länsmansgården is an ‘Ardbeg Embassy’ so I took the opportunity to taste some new Ardbegs. At least they were new to me.

One of them was Ardbeg Blasda. This one is a lightly peated Ardbeg. The malt is peated at 8 ppm as opposed to the standard 24 ppm. This is a no age statement whisky, watered down to 40 ABV.

Blasda is not available at Vinmonopolet (Norway) or Systembolaget (Sweden).

Nose (19/25): Quite thin which is a bit surprising when it comes to Ardbeg. Usually I find Ardbeg very full and a lot of sea water and spices. In this one I could actually smell terpentine…not flattering. And then there were some vanilla and smoke on the nose.

Taste (20/25): A lot of vanilla. Other than that there was not a lot happening, but it was not bad either. To me the taste was like water with sugar – nothing more really. Apart from a bit of smoke that is.

Finish  (20/25): The finish was salty and quite thin. Some alcohol ‘bite’ here as well. And of course some smoke although very mild.

Balance (19/25): To sum this up, Ardbeg Blasda was a thin and boring whisky dominated by alcohol ‘bite’ and sugar. Up until this one I have scored every Ardbeg 85 points or higher (96 points is the highest!), so I must say that I was disappointed by Ardbeg Blasda…

Score (78/100)

– Tone



  1. Enig. Ingen høydare fra Ardbeg dette her. “The lighter taste of Islay”. Kan bare se for meg at denne har en misjon for de som kun holder seg til et destilleri…

  2. I actually like the blasda and scored it mid 80s. But, and it’s a big but… As with many of the malts that are 40% you firstly can’t drink any other whisky before it… Then it disappears and becomes booring. You also need to let the blasda breathe with a drop or two of water for at least 30-40 minutes… 🙂

  3. Hmmm…40% boring…tried many 40% whisky with a big flavor impact and also 40% with less which also comes to CS editions.
    About this Blasta it was a looong time ago sense I tried it, but I do recall a similar approach with that as the 17 yo.
    If you compare those….at least 17 which is fresh in my memory, to “regular” Ardbegs=Smokey, salty, Smoke-Sweet…then we might judge it in the wrong way and not for the actual profile of what ever it would call instead of Ardbeg on the lable…not saying your wrong, just a point of view.
    Need to try this one out again…:)

  4. You both may have a point, Marcus and Roland. I tasted Blasda after a few whiskies 😉 The last one before Blasda was Ardbeg 21 yo cask strength… Bad decision to drink them in that order :-/ And I guess I expected a more “regular” Ardbeg 🙂

  5. A pointless product to anyone except Ardbeg’s marketing department. Especially bottled at 40%.


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