Amrut 100 NWF #3, 57.1 %

Amrut 100 NWF #3This is a review of the third official bottling for the Federation of Norwegian Whisky Societies (Norsk whiskyforbund). This time around they have opted for an Amrut bottling. I have previously reviewed the GlenDronach 20013 12 YO NWF #1.

The Amrut 100 NWF #3 is a fun bottling. The number “100” is the defining aspect here. It is 100 alcohol proof (57.1 % ABV), there are only 100 bottles, and the size of the bottle is 100 cl.

This is a no age statement whisky. The Amrut 100 NWF #3 was matured in bourbon barrels initially, before being finished in a virgin oak barrel (cask #939). It was bottled on 2017-07-04. This is a peated whisky.

You can buy the Amrut 100 NWF #3 in Norway at NOK 1945 (8003201).

Nose: Malty, oaky and peaty. Ashes in a cold fireplace. Ripe, baked apples covered in a sticky mix of demerara sugar and lots of licorice.

Taste: Rich and full-bodied. Massive attack of licorice and ashes. The ashes are warm now – hot, glowing, peppery embers mixed in. Surprisingly smoky and peaty actually. Oaky and dry-ish as well.

Finish: Medium long finish. Honey now, and plenty of it. Honey with a definite touch of ashes and smoke. Burnt, or should I say caramelized, toast with a generous helping or rich heather honey.

Comments: This whisky balances right on the edge. It does remain on the side of goodness though. The amounts of ashes and heavy sweetness is almost overwhelming. I know the ppm is much lower here than on the notoriously peaty Octomore, but I would say this is as close as we get (today) to an Indian Octomore.

Score (87/100)

– Thomas